Erectile Dysfunction:
You’re Not The Only One


hat is ED? The most basic answer to this question would be: failure to have an erection or maintain one during intercourse. It is also known as impotence. Often times the causes are automatically pointing to physiological reasons, i.e. — age, weight, health problems. But that’s not always the case. ED is more than usual a cause resulting from psychological issues. A few of those factors can be anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, pornography addiction, etc. Also, what you consume, foods, alcohol and bad diet play a role as well. What you need to keep in mind, is erectile dysfunction is real, and you’re not the only one. Below we will mention a few physiological and psychological causes and ways to avoid them.


Stress / Anxiety

Stress creates higher levels of cortisol, but what it also causes is adrenaline to pump through your body. Both are action based responses in your body, and detract your body from relaxing. Methods to get rid of stress is to remember, that not everything is in your control. You need to take daily steps to improve your habits, conquer your worries and fears through resolutions. Plan out your days, organize your finances, and learn to handle everything, one step at a time. Do not overload yourself with negative thoughts and emotions. Strive to have an optimistic mindset and think positive. (1, 4)



Depression is linked to your libido. And both your depression and your desire/libido is psychological. Depression kills your sexual desire. Often times the response is to seek medical help. However, that shouldn’t always be the case. What needs to happen is a shift in the situations in life. If it’s your job, quit and get something worth your while. If it’s the people you surround yourself with, remove yourself, and transition to relationships that will be more meaningful and supportive. Seek counseling that will care about you as a person and not just give you a tablet. (8)


Low Self Esteem

There’s is no need for men or women to have low self esteem issues. This happens because you begin to compare yourself others, your self-esteem lowers, and you feel less of a man. Low self esteem affects you psychologically, your motivation drops, integrity decreases and the power you have as a man slips away. You need to stand your ground. Shift your mindset and see the positive in yourself, embrace your masculinity and look at yourself through a more enlightened perspective. (4)


Poor Sleep

Often times the rule of thumb is to not eat heavy foods before going to sleep, because it’ll disturb your sleep. Another factor to mention is any sort of negative or stimulating psychological influence for your mind before going to bed. The biggest culprit is screen time, whether that’s a movie, text on screen, pictures or anything sexually influencing. It’s best to making sure to not pollute your mind, read a book rather than stare at a screen before bed. That, along with healthy eating, will help improve your sleep. Good sleep will lead to your body rejuvenating and feeling more active. (6, 7)



Your weight plays an overall role in your health. Being overweight or obese already hinders your health, and your performance. A bad diet causes blood flow restriction, decreased circulation throughout the body, and your heart to work harder. What this does is causes your body to have a harder time getting an erection. Best way to fix this is eating healthy, seeking the help of a nutritionist, and a weight trainer. A healthy body will improve your sexual experience. (2, 5, 9)


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