What are Testosterone Killers?


s men, it is essential for us to have a good level of testosterone. Afterall, testosterone is one of the main ingredients of the chemical build up of a male. However, often times we are encountered with obstacles that lower our testosterone levels. This can be our bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and stress. A high level of testosterone prevents males from gaining unnecessary weight. In fact, testosterone is what helps fat distribution in our bodies, maintains muscle strength and let’s us have a balanced mass. Having a good level of testosterone in our bodies gives us energy, let’s us feel active and boosts our sex drive. (1)

Unfortunately, testosterone killers do exist. And often than not, we as men are susceptible to making choices that lower our levels of testosterone. Here are a few culprits behind lowered T- Levels.



The number one is usually Stress. When our bodies stress, they produce a chemical called “ Cortisol.” Often times Cortisol removes energy, make us anxious, and is always battling against testosterone. Cortisol is however effective in situations of a “fight or flight.” Research shows that the effects of stress produce high levels of cortisol, which decreases libido, lowers energy, inhibits your sex drive and restrains testosterone production in your body. (2)



The effects of alcohol on your body is always a serious concern. As alcohol is a depressant, it changes your mood, causes you to feel disoriented and leads to being drunk. Even before you wake up the next morning with a hangover, it has already negatively affected you. As alcohol is processed throughout the liver, the process slows down your testosterone development. Especially with drinking beer, which contains estrogen. As estrogen levels increase, testosterone levels drop. Of course, a drink here or there is ok, but too much of it, will bite. (3)


Bad Eating Habits

Although burgers, beer, sodas or cake may be appetizing: it isn’t necessarily the healthier choice. Once again, this is related to estrogen. Bad eating habits and a poor diet can increase body fat, lower energy levels and put a ding in your T-Levels. (5)


Lack of Exercise

Any exercise: whether that’s quick workouts, lifting weights or playing a sport is commonly known to increase testosterone levels. Eating unhealthy or drinking alcohol, plus lack of exercise creates fatigue and slows down testosterone production in our bodies. (4)



Age plays a great factor in our testosterone levels. As adolescents our testosterone kicks into full gear. When we step into adulthood and throughout our 20’s; keeping a good testosterone level isn’t difficult. And as long as we eat healthy and exercise, typically our bodies will produce testosterone naturally. Step into the mid age range of males, 40s and 50s - testosterone decreases naturally with age. By age 70 or 80 we only have ⅓ of our testosterone left in our bodies. And therefore need to consume T-Boosters, and natural herbs to keep up. (1)


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